Friday, December 26, 2008

& i shall call him. Minny me!!!

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my new sidekick!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Best friends? i think NOT!

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After the rumors of drake signing onto waynes record label "Young money"
wayne asked drake to tour with him & of course drake said yesss,
best friends could they be? stay tuned. . . .

Monday, December 22, 2008

How it should have been along time ago . . .

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so stupiddd!!!

Yes I'd love to smell like a double wopper but please leave the cheese & onion scent out please! WTFFF

Oh jesus amy at it again?

No cmment! lmao

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tyga's comeback!

Well honestly i think tyga started to fall off but he still be killin
em verses

Helping you out!!!!

You know when a baby comes out of the mothers womb?
Brand new aint it?
ha similiar to this song check it out (brand new)

girl let me - belly ft drake

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I really want this tattoo. . .

Any opinions ?
i like it, but still debating on whether i should or shouldn't.
I need help people!!!!


Original Fake/Kaws/Marc Jacobs =^]

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Marc Jacobs & Kaws colaboration for all you woman out there that are rocking Baby fat, Ecko, etc. . .
waste of money, & your a wast of air! (no hard feelings)
change your style and go copp these because i will marry you =^]

Bobby fresh 2008-2009

Well here's the new i guess you can say Boob Fresh leak of what there new Tee design's gonna be of, I got respect for there clothing cause its strate out of Az man & that enought should allow you to respect it, I mean even tho they didnt let us in the
Fashion show that one day Tyga was performing cause we werent 21 but had tickets =^O
no i guess your saying " well didnt they card you for the tickets rewns?"
Actually they did not but eehhh cant win em all, Owell here's there new lead as they call it"Gutter Kid & The Dope Soap"check em out click the pic for more info =^]
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Can you do the moon walk?

Well this video provides us with proof,
Neil you got outta this one buddy.
Dammit Michael Jackson

Dear, Rewns


I like lito alligators on my shirts =^]


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Monday, December 15, 2008

So I missed work today . . .

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So i missed work today woke up late & jus decided not to go,
yea irresponsible right?
ehhh im not perfect so im headed out the door now just thought i'd blog aboutt randomly gunna go check out the cowtown shop maybe copp me some new stuff, well see,
anyways i know the picture has nothing to do about what im talking about bt its of a very good friend, jus came across it & decided wow, look who deserves to be on my site.
im out peaceeee

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Do you have the force? LMAO WATCH THIS!! (MUST SEE)

Well if your feeling down or in a bad mood or maybe u just found out your soulmate is cheating on you lol,
this might brighten your day hahah fucking white people lol

What's on your christmas list?

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lol. something i came across, and i just had to blog about it,
random moment =^]
perfect gift if your family is into the KKK, or supremacy bullshit. ha

Dec, 13/14


Awkward as we walked in, All the way at the top of the hotel was drinks & females waiting for us, kickback was great,
Mario Eduardo & greggg!
Nothin to be proud about bt i did throw up at the end of the night.
ha kicka door nigga. Tinyyy i seee you boy.
But i can say it was another good night & level fun was achieved!

SO FAR GONE, but yet so close

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As all of you Drake fans the beggining is near, Drake will finally release his new mixtape "SO FAR GONE"
Cant wait?
ha, easy to say bt not so much to act on.
see you in line

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Monsters & popcorn anyone?

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Team cupcake at it again!
I wish they"d come down here & host shows like this bt the problem is. No1 knows about johnny cupcakes!
sad, bt true.

Drake on the rise?

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All in favor say "yes he is"
Well Drizzy has my vote all the way hands down, some people know of his music many dont. But for you that havent
might wana check him out. Currently waiting on his new album " So far gone" couple songs from it have been out already but my main concern is his music leaking mainstream. Hopefully he doesnt i like how he keeps things original and tells stories in his music. it touches me. =^] (nohomo). Anyways Heartbreak drake is by far the new top lyricist in my book. i'll put a couple bills on it that one day everyone will itilize him, cant stay underground forever right?

Double "K"

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As you can see Kanye's new album dropped November 24th collabed with famous fast-rising Pop Art star KAWS, pretty nice if you ask me, crazy how your own creativity gets you to tha point where your doing album covers for people like kanye

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Check me out on myspace aswell. I mean even mothers have myspaces nowdays, yikes. just shows you how shit transitions so much now days.
haha enjoy =^]